In the following we will answer frequently asked questions about the Aegean Party Life Experience. If you still have questions, we are always at your disposal, to write or call us!

What is Aegean Party Life?

At Aegean Party Life, you are on a yacht together with your friends or people from all around the world. The fleet alternates between the most beautiful cities and beaches, as well as the most fashionable clubs of the Greek Saronic Gulf. Each day a different party and changing shopping locations, relax in uninhabited, romantic coves, a touch of culture and action. Always with you: your personal Skipper who cares for your physical well-being and of course controls the yacht. He also likes to be off the beaten track, to the most beautiful beaches. Aegean Party Life is: unlimited freedom, lots of action and celebrations in the week of your life.

How many people are on a yacht?

Our yachts provide space for either eight or ten people. Depending on the size of your travel group, you will receive several yachts from us.

How does the booking process?

We are delighted that you have chosen Aegean Party Life! To make the booking as efficient as possible, make sure you have received our booking confirmation.

As soon as we have received your booking confirmation, we confirm it via email.  Deposit is 50% of the total amount and the rest is paid 6 weeks before the trip.

Do I have to be over 18?

Yes, you have to be over 18.

Which route is driven?

The exact Route is also mentioned on our website itinerary section on our website – http://www.aegeanpartylife.com/itineraries/ and it is always subject to weather conditions.

How does the division of yachts and rooms work?

The allocation is on the spot, after arrival at check-in. You can, of course, decide if you are a group of people to be together on the same yacht. Our yachts offer space for 8 or 10 persons, depending on the number of people. Check on our website the layout of the yachts – http://www.aegeanpartylife.com/whats-included/.

Do you always sail all together or can I just be with my friends in a bay?

We always sail together, we moor together and spend time as a big family. This is actually what gives extra value to our product. Interaction among people from all around the world and exchange of different cultures can take this trip to the next level and can give you this unique Experience you are looking for.

How do you ensure a safe trip?

The safety of our guests is our mission number 1 in addition to the high fun factor. The entire fleet is accompanied by paramedics and security staff. Our first-class skippers are responsible for safety on board the yachts. The entire route of the trip is also chosen so that the next hospital or the next doctor can be reached by a speedboat within a few minutes. Our crew is also dependent on dealing with highly alcoholic persons prudently and according to the situation.

What happens if I fall into the water or hurt myself?

If the unlikely event occurs, and you go involuntarily, this will be immediately noticeable to your skipper, host, security staff or team on the trip, and he or she will save you. If you are injured during the trip, our paramedics will be available 24 hours, 7 days long. In case of worse injuries or diseases, you will be sailed with the a speedboat to the nearest hospital or doctor (this is something we have to organize

Can I smoke on deck?

You can smoke on deck, not under deck.

What should I take with me?

Packing is always something that needs a lot of thinking. In our occasion things are simple. Get a lot of swimwear with you, beach towels, light clothing, flip flops and sandals. No need of formal clothes, just have a jumper with you in case we have a windy night. Of course bring your SUMMER MOOD, this is the best thing you can carry with you!

How big are the yachts and / or which models are in the fleet?

All of our yachts are top-class, so you can enjoy your maturity to the full, have enough space to celebrate or chill and have nothing to do without. Our models range from 45 to 51 feet of sailing yachts and are split according to the number of participants.

Can I play my own music on the yacht?

All yachts are equipped with a music system, most of them also have an AUX connection for iPods, iPhones and all popular smartphones and MP3 players (3.5mm jack, male-to-male cable). If this is not the case, all yachts have the possibility to play MP3 CDs or receive radio. So if you want to be on the safe side, there are FM transmitters that connect the radio to your smartphone or MP3 player, for example: http://amzn.to/1GIb6BY

Who controls the yacht?

The yachts are controlled by first-class trained and responsible skippers.  Apart from their nautical skills, they are your contact person and of course the party guy you are looking for 😉

Are the drinks and food included in the price?

Drinks and food are not included in the price, but you can bring you own, since there is plenty of space in the refrigerator and fully equipped kitchen to cook anytime.

Is there electricity on the yachts to charge mobile phones, cameras, iPods, etc.?

All yachts have a 12 volt DC power supply. As soon as we are at a night stop in a port, the yachts are connected to the land current there and then offer a power supply with a voltage of 220 V.

What is the daily routine at Aegean Party Life?

With Aegean Party Life, you can decide for yourself how to make your day. If you want, you can start partying right after breakfast. Or you can relax and unwind, under the unique Greek sun. Our legendary parties take place every night on a different location and bar. Try not to miss them 😉

What happens when I get seasick?

Summer in Greece offers perfect weather for chilled sailing trips. The wind is rarely so strong that a noticeable wave is generated. In addition, we always sail in the shelter between the island and the mainland. If the unexpected case occurs nevertheless and you become bad, our paramedics are always helpful to you.

What happens when bad weather occurs?

The security of our guests is our number 1 priority, in addition to the high fun factor. For this reason there is an alternative itinerary for every weather scenario. Thanks to the incredible variety of beautiful cities and magnificent bays in Greece, the quality of the trip is also well maintained at bad weather and when we have to adapt our program spontaneously, at the same high level. In recent years, thanks to the weather prevailing in Greece, we had almost no bad weather during this season.